works by Christopher Lindsey
A selection of some of my works and interpretations of self, life and its boundless possibilities
Art Today As I See It
Christopher Lindsey

Today's art market has become a feverish market of buying and selling, of not only heirloom artist's such as Picasso and Van Gogh, but also rising unknown artists.  Innovations in technology and ever evolving new forms of expression have catapulted contemporary art and artists to unprecedented heights.

It's the younger international set that is pushing the market prices and trends.  They are hungry for mixed media, impressionist work--from unknowns hoping to find themselves discovered as the next modern day Picasso.  Drawings from this diverse pool are pushing the focus of art away from the more famous collectibles and upon the rising stars, who are drawing record sales in per piece prices in their own right.  As the art world churns through these new, up-and-coming artists, there seems to be no end to the investment values of their new emerging pieces.

I see myself as such an artist to keep an eye out for--making my mark working in Impressionist and Modern artwork.  My use of bold, vibrant style should not only satisfy the new investment buyers--it work will move on to become part of future heirloom pieces.  I foresee record sales and tremendous demand for my work as I traverse avenues and industry alike.