works by Christopher Lindsey
A selection of some of my works and interpretations of self, life and its boundless possibilities
About Me
Christopher A. L. Lindsey
Is a man who has manifested into reality, a mere concept, and constantly molding his own life's love into a legacy for ages to come.
Being brought up in, and guided by wisdom between Detroit, Michigan; California, and Alabama, born from a beautiful, bright, wise mother--Robin Lindsey, as well as two strong, handsome, driven brothers, Bobby and Jerry.  His mother's love and support, along with his brothers "go-getter" influence pushed him to want to begin that pursuit of success as young as age 9 working for his grandfather in a field picking beans.  Chris was taught at a young age to always strive for greatness, to be whatever he wanted to be, and to overcome any and every obstacle.
 The yearming feeling and wanting of that satisfaction and accomplishment led to more and more experiences down a variety of avenues.  Working in carpentry--building a deck with his uncle at age 11, working for a local party store at 12--keeping the bottle returns organized; doing dishes and taking  out the trash for a restaurant at age 13.  Moving on to detailing cars at a carwash at age 14--still not satisfied.  By age 15 he found himself at a Farmer's Market in Greensboro, AL where he got the itch to help others so he began volunteer work at the Salvation Army near his home at age 16.    
By age 18 he rekindled his love of carpentry and helped build homes through the Habitat for Humanity.  After a year away he came home and looked for work again, luckily that was to be with S.T. Bonds Concrete--courtesy of the Temporary Employment Agency.  Somewhat short lived that job was soon followed with work in Landscaping, a couple Nursing Homes and light factory work at Tyson's Chickens. 
Then at age 19 he was hired on as a carpenter's helper at his brothers construction company.  He liked the work and stayed for over a year, still yearning for more he went out and found a second job at a restaurant.  By 21, he was working in retail as a Stock Crew Leader at a  local Save-a-Lot Grocery Store.  Through all these different ventures and others that include: a music outlet, a clothing outlet, doing modeling work at shows and doing his own shows, as well as helping at a church he hadn't found his own personal niche in the work industry. 
One thing that he did know was that--he impacted people he volunteered with and for, and the children he spoke to and mentored about being better people at the elementary schools made him see more and mor--that making people happy and inspiring others to enjoy life was his niche.