works by Christopher Lindsey
A selection of some of my works and interpretations of self, life and its boundless possibilities
Entertainment Entrepeneur
Art in itself is a form of expression, albeit found in many forms--tapestry, mosaics, metals, glass, wood and fabrics.  The colors and textures of these forms help render such artwork--the universe is forever continuing to change, effecting the colors we come to appreciate throughout the world of art.  
We are here in a galaxy--"The Milky Way",  here on earth living our day-to-day lives, and for the most part never really giving much thought to the true beauty and magnifiscence that lies within our world or the universe as a whole.  Colors play a major role as to how we look at people, places, things, subjects and their expressions.  Two of our primary colors, black and white are at the beginning of an endless array of colors that we continuously blend together to magnify and heighten such unique images with lines, shapes, contrast and shades to bring forth what we see and call "Art".  
For me the universe is the greatest work of art--everchanging and evolving, morphing into things we have yet to understand.  It is what we see and all the more that we have yet to discover that brings one to the door step of the world of art.
My Blog
  1. Introspection - Barack Obama
    Barack Obama, our 44th President of the United States and the first African American elected to the office.  My interpretation of President Obama in his introspective pose gives way to a myriad of meanings, for me I see a calm restlessness and untiring commitment to get things done--no matter how great the odds.  A man of great poise and contention that has captivated the world over, giving hope to the young and old--sometimes in bold and comical fashion.  He serves as an inspiration to not only
  2. Art Today As I See It
    Today's art market has become a feverish market of buying and selling, of not only heirloom artist's such as Picasso and Van Gogh, but also rising unknown artists.  Innovations in technology and ever evolving new forms of expression have catapulted contemporary art and artists to unprecedented heights. It's the younger international set that is pushing the market prices and trends.  They are hungry for mixed media, impressionist work--from unknowns hoping to find themselves discovered as the
  3. Dare To Be DIfferent
    Hello, beautiful friends!  I must express that, art to me, is a way of life--I see things differently everyday and will continue to do so for as long as I live.  I feel that if you want a picture perfect picture, one should take a picture of what they see as perfect.  Throughout my gallery I portray images as I see them in my interpretation as art.   Many gallerist's will advise you to buy "what speaks to you", not simply what is popular.  It's not so much about what you collect, as it is what